In November of 2011, the church at Robertsdale began what is called Growth Groups. Each group meets once a month after the morning worship. Several members from the group volunteer their homes (those that have the room) to host the event. The host will provide the drinks and the rest of the group brings one dish to share. The menu and location is decided each meeting for the next time. The groups only meet around an hour to an hour and a half. Each group is made up of around 12 adults and their children. There is also an adult only group offered. The objective of these meetings is as followed:

1. Cover 3 practical points to apply to our lives that week from Slate’s sermon (provide by Slate).
2. Pray for the needs in our group.
3. Go over absentees and assign to each a contact that week.
4. Discuss any needs of the church body. (Surgeries, those needing rides, etc…)
5. Grow closer to each other and minister to each other.
6. Provide a warm atmosphere to invite new people.

This ministry is voluntary. If you have further questions contact Dana Wilcox 251-331-2090


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